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John Dilworth
27 January
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Hello. I'm John. People call me....John... :)
I'm 17 years old yay! I'm 5ft8 and I have medium length dark brown hair with blonde highlights.
I have many friends, and here are a few: Phil Alix, Rush, Ben, Jake and many many others, You know who you are! I do Tae Kwon-Do, which is a abdass style of martial Arts. I;m green belt, which is around half way to black. I;m getting there :P

I am a friendly guy and it really is worth getting to know me. Once do you, and you earn my trust, you'll have a friend for life!
I'm single, so if any girls out there like me, doesn't hesitate to ask me out ;)
I'm greatful to have my friends, and will always be there to help them. One day, i might be here to help you? who knows?
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